SMISEACOW H1 is a multifunctional external portable multifunctional expansion dock suitable for notebook computers and desktop computers. It can solve the needs of the original device to support multiple expansion screen outputs at the same time, and USB/TF card expansion.



1 Women and 1 Man

Aged 25-30

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Preferred Choice

Additional Options


A warm and sophisticated feel with an expensive and high-tech look.

  • Energy and tone




2 Video Versions: 

To tell the overall story and reflect and the product's selling points

  • 2m version (Main Video)

  • 30s version (Shortened) 


Our cast walks into a dark room. The only visible lights are the RGB led strip behind the computer. Cast is silhouetted. We use a robot arm like shot to track them walking to the desk. A spotlight lights up the USB C hub.


They lift open their laptop screen and the hub and setup come to life. The RGB desk lighting setup also comes to life. The hub is the centre of the setup, connecting everything together. We revolve around the cast at the desk. They begin using only 1 laptop and 1 monitor. They then plug in a 2nd external monitor. They then plug in a 3rd external monitor. The cycle continues until they have 6 monitors plugged in.


We pull back to see the insane system of 6 monitors connected to 1 computer. We show what the hub is capable of. No hub before has been able to do this. We do a montage of beautiful cinematic shots of the hub. Change up the lighting, slider shots, probe lens shots, etc. Our cast then shows off the other features of the hub.They plug in an SD card. hey plugs in multiple USB devices, etc. Top shot of this, as more and more devices get plugged in. Match cut of the hub in different locations and computer setups  in an office. Showing how it fits into the aesthetic and can look good with any setup.


Time-lapse of cast working at their desk. Slowly moving in closer and closer. This will show the hub allows you to be more productive. Our cast closes the screen of the laptop, and slowly walks out the room.End with a hero shot of the hub pulsating with light. It represents that the hub is the heart of the system, and keep everything else working and alive.

Things to Highlight 

1. It can expand 3 HDMI videos at the same time;

2. It can support 3 USB3.0 ports and TF card expansion at the same time,

3. The current 2020 MacBook MacBook AIR Macbook Pro all use Apple’s self-developed M1 computer chip, which only supports 1 expansion screen (other docking stations on the market only support 1 HDMI video expansion) cannot achieve multi-screen expansion in daily life and work. H1 multi-function HUB can perfectly solve this pain point. Only a TYPE-C data cable is needed. It can support up to 3 external screen expansions, and support the multi-function expansion of PD charging + USB3.0 + TF card.

4. Most of the old laptops and desktops only support the expansion of 1 HDMI interface or VGA interface or TYPE-C interface, and only support 1 screen expansion. Multi-screen expansion cannot be realized in daily life and work, and more than H1 The functional HUB can perfectly solve this pain point. It only needs a USB TO TYPE-C data cable to support up to 3 external screen expansions, and supports the multi-function expansion of USB3.0+TF card.

The Product


Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 11.34.46.png

1. As long as your computer has a TYPE-C full-function interface, it can let a computer expand 3 screens at the same time, can view the content of 3 screens at the same time, and can realize 3 USB3.0 interfaces and 1 TF card expansion , The transfer rate is up to 5Gbps/S;

2.1. As long as your computer has a USB2.0/3.0 interface, let a computer expand 2 screens at the same time, you can view the content of 2 screens at the same time, and can achieve 3 USB3.0 interfaces , 1 TF card expansion, transmission rate up to 5Gbps/S, can increase your work efficiency by up to 50%, and achieve efficient multi-tasking.

3. H1 can be used on laptops, desktop computers, and is equipped with a USB3.0/TF card interface, and can also be connected to Android phones, Apple IPDs, etc. for screen projection and microcomputer operation. No matter where you are, you can build your own studio and start working efficiently!


2 Locations:

  1. Home Office

2. Editing Studio 

Visual Storyboard

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Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 15.58.18.png
Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 15.58.23.png