NS Home Panel



NSpanel Multifunctional Smart Home Panel: Build Smart Home 

With built-in powerful processors and environmental sensors, NSpanel integrates a variety of electrical devices to create a beautiful, convenient and smart life for you.

NSpanel is a smart home control panel with a new product form that integrates control center, thermostat and dual button switch. NSpanel's own temperature sensor can detect the temperature of the area where NSpanel is located, and link the switch and socket devices associated with the APP account to heat or cool the temperature, so that the temperature at home remains unchanged. With just one tap on NSpanel, you can operate all the associated electrical appliances in your home, such as lights, air conditioners, electric windows and curtains. It is multifunctional and has strong practicality in the scene, and can provide users with a brand-new smart home experience.


Couple mid 20's - mid 30's

[Friends are similar age]

Tone Reference

A modern yet cozy look with smart appliances matching the home aesthetic and that of the smart home panel.


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  • Main Video  (1/2 minutes)

  • Behind the Scenes 

  • Social Clips (3x 15 sec)

Things to Highlight 

  • Smart Lighting: One Way to Control

  • Smart HVAC: Automatic Temperature Adjustment

  • Information: Outdoor Temperature(according to location), Indoor Temperature, Time, Date, Humidity

  • Smart Curtain: Self-closing and opening Curtain

  • Remote App Control: Build your appliances smart 


Interior home
(bedroom, kitchen, lounge)


When open in a flat, medium sized and modern. There will be a couple who wakes and begins their morning routine. The smart panel opens the blinds/curtains and turns on the lights. It makes the coffee. They will check the smart panel for the weather for that day. We move through to the kitchen where the smart panel has gotten there morning routine started - they then leave for work and we have a time lapsed/sped up through the day of the smart panel doing the things it needs to.

The couple then return home from work and the smart panel will have switched on the lights, they will then ask the device to turn entertainment on and it will start playing some music, then the couples friends will arrive and they settle down together. 

The smart panel will just help there lives run smoothly and allow tasks to be done more easily. The lights, the music, the weather, the temperature, the blinds, the coffee, machine, the air cooker - it all can be controlled and programmed to your exact requirements and specifications. 


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