Moifive is a company specialise in Internet of Things technology, especially in computer vision battle field. Our R&D team, have years of experience and well recognised in the industry. Our major product is dash cam, we are the Specialist. Everything self development is a good indicator of how we differentiate ourself from others. 


We seek for great design and quality. Producing products with intelligent and powerful features. To give the user the best experience. From the product itself, you could see how we pursuit quality for the product in every detail. Starting from housing, we craft it with design, texture, and precision to make it outstanding. For the hardware specification: 4K, eMMC, 5G Wi-Fi, GPS, IPS screen. It is the highest standard in the industry. Software: APP, Cloud and AI, we made it as easy as possible to use with our powerful features


Couple (Women & Man) Aged 25+


A modern, chic and high-tech tone throughout 

  • Looking at the concept - the video quality is poor

  • Strong distinct visuals, natural connection 

  • Good high quality dash cam visuals

  • Cape Town location references 




  • 2min (Main Video)


For this video we would love to fuse together the elements of car, lifestyle and tech adverts. 

From car adverts we will borrow a sleek and fast shooting language making the Moifive Dash Camera and the car it's installed in the peak of modern design. 

As a lifestyle piece we want to introduce a sense of journey as we follow our cast and product in a days trip through urban streets and obstacles into the beautiful picturesque scenery of an out of city road trip. 

Through text and visual cues we will also make this a truly technological piece showing how the Moifive Dash Camera has kept our cast safe and enhanced their journey at every step. 

Things to Highlight 

1. Design and Quality. Filming the product from the front to show the good housing design, the texture.

2. 4K ultra high resolution image quality, with Sony Starvis night vision.

3. 5G Wi-Fi (fast download speed to the APP)

4. Stop and Go (SnG) Artificial Intelligence (Maybe chatting with each other while stopping in front of the

red light, and reminds the couple when the light turns green?)

5. GPS (APP track available for showing, we have cool sharing feature that can generate a trip report)


Potential Car option: 

Subaru Forrester (Silver)

BMW X1 (White)



Cape Town City & Coastal Road

Visual Storyboard

Dash Cam Storyboard Page 1.jpg
Dash Cam Storyboard Page 2.jpg
Dash Cam Storyboard Page 3.jpg
Dash Cam Storyboard Page 4.jpg