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Zhejiang Kufeer electrical appliance Co. Ltd is a newly established subsidiary of YAT Group, with registered capital of 10 million RMB. Mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of espresso machines, including two series of home coffee machines and commercial coffee machine.


But Kufeer has decided to expand into cooler drinks too, specifically a Quick Wine Cooling Machine.

Nowadays, the traditional way to ice your wine/liquor usually take a long time. We believe this product has a huge potential market in the future thanks to the have global music and wine culture. But our product is able to cool-down your liquor from 28℃ to -18℃ in 20 minutes. By using our icing/cooling system to make your liquor cool down to a certain temperature we help add to that perfect glass of your preferred drink. 


Two Main & Three Extras (Aged 20-35)




Quick wine cooling machine. By using our icing/cooling system to make your liquor cool down to a certain temperature (able to cool down the temperature below zero)

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  • Main Video 1:30-2:00


Showcasing the cooler and all its features in the sleekest, coolest and most sophisticated way possible.


We will open with detail close up product shots of the product, then move to the features and then ultimately to it being used in a social scene. All while we will have infographics and VoiceOver assisting in putting the key features across.

Things to Note/Highlight 

  • Quick cooling system: the unique cooling system patent, able to cool-down the temperature to -18℃ just in 20 minutes.

  • Temperature control: able to reach the perfect temperature for your drink without ice.

  • Pure & ice: give you the origin taste of your liquor.

  • Small size: perfect for family, club, bar etc.

  • All-in-one: colorful lighting effect, modern and classic. 

  • Best taste: By using our product, people no longer need to add ice cubes into their drinks. We are able to ice your wine/liquor at its best temperature, in order to give you the best tasting experience.

  • Temperature regulation: you could change the temperature for different type of liquors; such as vodka, wine, champagne, liqueur, etc. You set the temperature and we give you the best taste.

  • Small size: even though the size of our machine is pretty small but our cooling system is so powerful thatto give a the same taste as the bar at your own home.


Smooth & Sleek product shots showing the product at its best

Visual Storyboard

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Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 14.07.52.png
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