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Great Joy is a start up optical technology company which is specialising in camera and lenses; Adapter rings for attaching objectives on cameras; Bags for cameras and photographic equipment; Camera filters; Camera flashes; Cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments, etc.

We will be producing a crowd funding campaign video to help market these products. The product is a 60mm T2.9 1.33X Anamorphic Lens.


[See references for cast needed]







Client References 


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  • 90-120s Crowdfunding video. (Including studio product shots, infographics, shots taken from lens, and BTS of lenses)

  • 30-60s Social cutdown for social media promotion and advertising.

  • 5-10 Still images on the lens being used.

  • 5-10 Still images taken with the lens.


As with the references given by the client we are going to explore the different areas and space in which these anamorphic lenses can be used and showcase how they can add to each of these spaces. We will explore the lenses in six spaces all giving there own challenges and environments to work with - be it light, space, cast or narrative.

The spaces include a dance group in an industrial urban area, a beach transition into underwater, a couple on a date in a forest, a fashion shoot in an apocalyptic setting on an unfinished bridge and follow a dog on the beach. 

Each section will highlight the important aspects of the anamorphic lens as per the list of features below.

Things to Highlight 

Product 1: GREAT JOY FF 60mm T2.9 1.33X Anamorphic Lens 

Product 2: GREAT JOY 1.35X Anamorphic Additional Lens


A. Common Feature:

1.Produce regular horizontal lens flare/streaks effect for the backlighting filming.

2.Oval Bokeh Effect for the true cinematic shot.
(Suggested scene: night scene in the city)

3.Soft & hazy effects even with aperture wide open

(Suggested scene: portrait shooting with maximum T2.9 aperture)

4. Produce 2.4 : 1 Wider format image for the big screen. Restore the wide field of view via setting the screen ratio in video editing software or video player. No need to cut or remove data from your footage.



B. Distinctive Feature

1.Cost-effective: Compared to the commonly-seen FF Anamorphic Lens that worth thousands of dollar, our product is less than $1,000 while achieving the high-end cinematic look.


2.Excellent in revealing details & reducing lens breathing

Even better than many spherical lens, our anamorphic lens excels in details filming even in a chaotic scene. When using 8k camera with the lens, we can capture the video nearly 8k. And after tests, our lens has less lens breathing, comparable to the world’s leading anamorphic lens brand.


C. Professional in every details: 

1. Equipped with 0.8 mod standardized gear & aperture adjustment gear, easy to use for users.

2 . Embedded with 1/4 inch thread to mount the lens on the support tripod, reducing the lens shaking and guarantee a stable shooting.


3. Fixed distance/angle aperture for accurate controls

D. About Additional Lens

1. Compare the videos filmed by 1.33x anamorphic lens ONLY and with additional lens, the latter one will have better Oval Bokeh Effect & wider field of view.


2. No need to focus twice with additional lens. You can put main lens at infinity focus, and simply adjust the focus ring of additional lens, very user-friendly.


E. Other information:

1. The main audience groups:Commercial directors, studio photographers, video bloggers, cinematographers and film lovers.


2. Business philosophy: let users to pursue art shooting tools with a price- friendly, no longer luxury and expensive; Foucs on user’s experience and reputation.


There will be 4 different locations & narrative spaces to showcase the lens uses. We can do 4 of the following (Bus choose 4/5): 

1. Rudi & Untimitive Dance Company

    Showcasing the anamorphic lens in an urban, warehouse setting with a dance group.       Making use of stylised lighting set up.


2. Underwater & Beach 

    Putting the anamorphic lens on a Sony a7s iii with an underwater housing and following a free diver from the beach into the ocean. Beach shots and ocean shots.


3. Forest  

    A couple on a date in the forest, this would show the lens being used a a narrative based setting with natural lighting.


4. Fashion Shoot 

    Very Stylised, photography shoot on the unfinished bridge in. Cape Town.


5. Ollie 

    Shooting on Big Bay beach, with Ollie the dog - showing the use of the lens with             a pet.


Visual Storyboard

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Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 14.42.35.png
Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 14.42.41.png
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Post Production

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1st Revision

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