Solar Panel Installation 

Solar Panel Installation is one of the most exciting and fast growing sectors in South Africa. The benefits are far reaching for those involved. 


XCIV offers a method of capturing these projects through a fun narrative in a way which is digestible by clients and the public. Through these project we facilities a way to excite both current and potential clients as well as to engage the public about these endeavours.

The videos below give you a taste of what we offer. 


After Project Visuals

Through the use of ground and drone footage we give you the opportunity to see what your installation looks like in an aesthetically pleasing narrative. 

This gives both the client and the public a visual post project video post completion of your project . 


Technical Made Visual 

We offer you the ability to see you working panels, their dimensions, placement and overall look after they have been installed. 


Real World Use Cases

Connect your solar panels with the business they power, we show you how the renewable green energy is used. You can also earn about the businesses and how these installation effect them.