Emergency Bags



This is a special and unique product and first design all over the world, apart from being a bag, it also has emergency function which could give you the best experience you could ever have.

With the best quality material, we design a unique feature which is a hidden high-strength inflatable airbag to save you in any emergency situation. With the same price, we provide more than just a bag. You could bring it anywhere you want. Hiking,

fishing or even bring it to work and for bike rider, we provide water proof cover for the whole bag. No need to spend extra money on buying life vest.

"Safe bag, safe life."


Two Cast (Aged 20-35)


Leisure bag (top roll)

Working principle:

Apart from being a backpack, it also has a hidden high-strength inflatable airbag at the bottom of the bag. With automatic closed air valve and a condensed carbon dioxide gas bottle, the emergency airbag could be triggered by pulling the rope.


Large capacity, side pocket allows you easily put your laptop in. The roll top could extend the capacity of this bag. There is a anti-theft buckle at the top of the bag.

Use for:

Business trip; travel; work; fishing; holiday; rowing


Leisure and anti-theft

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  • 1x 90s-120s main video 

  • BTS Stills 


Things to Note/Highlight 

The most important product features that must be shown in the video:

  1. Emergency (lifesaving) function

  2. Multiple pockets in each bags

  3. Waterproof -- Harley bag

  4. Large capacity -- you could easily put a helmet, basketball etc. In the bag

Target Audience

  • Student

  • Commuter

  • Fishing fan

  • Cycling fan

  • Traveler's

Things that viewers should remember after watching the video:

  • World first lifesaving bag with multiple functions

  • Best quality material, personal design

  • Large capacity, multiple functions, waterproof cover


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