Arzopa monitor
144HZ Extreme Portable Gaming Monitor




Established in 2020, as a high-tech enterprise with numerous patents issued, Arzopa now has become a professional manufacturer of portable monitor that win great numbers of users all over the world.

With the mission to bring more convenience and higher productivity to customers. Arzopa is dedicated to developing more portal monitors as well as helping people experience fullness of life with Arzopa technology. Arzopa’s vision is to become a professional vendor of portable monitors globally, bring pleasure to people's work and life, and globalize Arzopa brand.



A warm and sophisticated feel with an expensive and high-tech look.

Showcasing the floating shots, with the motion tracked totals that give specs




1 x 1 minute video


Given our 01m00 timeframe it is our desire to create a video that is as fast paced as it is informative, because of this we will centre the video around four scenes. Three of our scene will highlight the three main demographics that ARZOPA wishes to capture, namely: High-end gamers, Software Engineers and Creatives. The last scene will take place in the void, a black background that will allow us to show off the IO and build quality of the monitor itself.

The advert itself will cut between these scenes showing a shared sense of freedom and utility shared by all those who use the ARZOPA portable monitor.

In our opening scene we will meet our gamer with an X Box Series S connected to the screen, yelling into their headset and controller in hand but instead of in their room we find in a public space with a view. As the camera moves around them we see them able to complete there favourite campaign while on the go. In this scene we will be able to champion the screens high refresh rate and brightness.

In our second scene we meet the VIDEO EDITOR on the move, editing their next travel movie while at a rooftop bar overlooking the city. Here we will highlight the screens portability.

For our last scene centred on cast we find a software engineer at a coffee shop, coding on duel scenes, as the world moves past behind them we see them able to laser focus on their task. It is here we will show the high spec build and screen quality.

In our last space, the void, we will focus on the devise itself, showing the materials, dimensions and spec features.

Visual Storyboard

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Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 12.19.12.png
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Things to Highlight 

  • High refresh rate

  • Portable

  • High screen quality

  • Compatible with multiple models, 

  • No power needed

  • Three-in-one mode (Extend,duplicate,desktop mode)

To Note:

Unique aspects about the product:

  • High refresh rate

  • Extremely thin and light (most competing products are 60Hz)

3 things that viewers should remember after watching the video:

  •    If I want a high refresh rate HD screen I’d get this one; 

  • I have a reason to buy a writing monitor 

  • This stuff would work well.

Video demographic (Age, Gender, Income group, etc):

  • Group with high refresh rate requirements for portable monitors

  • 20-40 years old

  • Earning $50,000-$150,000

  • High-end gamers, engineers, data analysts, designers, painters and others who need dual or large screens to use.

Places where the video will be used (YouTube, Kickstarter, Instagram etc.):

  • Amazon

  • Ebay

  • Website

  • Youtube

  • Instagram

  • Facebook


What is the main goal of the video:

  • Promote the brand

  • Boost sales

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Improve product exposure

The Product

Arzopa monitor : 144HZ Extreme Portable Gaming Monitor

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 11.16.46.png
Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 11.16.56.png
  • Mini HDMI Port : Receive audio/video signals.

  • USB Type-C Function Port1/Port2 : USB C 3.1 support reversible insertion and reverse charging.

  • Compatible with USB PD2.0 power supply,supports 5V /9V /12V /15V /20V input .

  • Power/Return Button : Press and hold ~3 seconds to turn on/off the monitor. Turning Button :

  • OSD Menu: Press to enter OSD menu.

  • UP/DOWN turning switch: When in a menu, press Turning Button to select menu item.

  • Brightness/Volume Adjustment: When not on a menu, push the Turning Button UP once for the Brightness quick-access. Or push the Turning Button DOWN once for the Volume quick-access.

  • 3.5 mm Audio Out Port :

  • To connect to 3.5 mm-compatible external audio device.