Image by Matt Hardy

Apple Watch 6 TVC


It is both exciting and daunting to work with the world’s largest company, especially one that is known for being so specific about its public-facing messages. Something XCIV was excited to do and implemented well in the ad was integrating global strategy while making it feel distinctively local. We retained Apple brand identity while anchoring the ads in a South African context.


With the arrival of the Apple Watch cellular, XCIV had the opportunity to showcase how, in many cases, an Apple Watch equipped with cellular is the only companion you need to stay connected. In this series, we visit three people who are unable to reach or carry their iPhones. In isolated or encumbered situations, we show how their Apple Watch is all they need to answer calls and receive messages, staying connected while leaving everything else behind.


XCIV was able to fully encapsulate every aspect of the new Apple Watch and give it an electric and fun energy so that the viewer could engage with the content and get excited about the product.

Apple Watch 5 TVC


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