Thesen Islands 

Thesen Island is a place unique South African communities, an isolated island paradise, only a few minutes walk from all the amenities of a busting coastal town. 


Many people have visited Thesen, some return year after year but few have been lucky to call it home. Even fewer know it as well as the founders of Thesen Island Living, Archan and Vanita.

In this video we will be guided by their knowing words through all the splendour that is Thesen Island.

Thesen Island-1.jpg

Stock Video & Images

The first pillar of our video will be constructed from the wealth of stock photo and Video of Thesen Island that Thesen Island Living and XCIV poses. 

It is from here that we will be able to save on scenes already captured and create a video that will show the island at its best.


Lifestyle Video shots

For the things we've never shot before we will use a combination of aerial and ground footage to capture the new experiences available on Thesen Island and offered by Thesen Island Living.



Adding a personal touch, we will intercut our piece with the relatable face and experienced words of Vanita Benjamin.


A 12 year resident of Thesen, Vanita will personally guide us through the experiences and amenities on offer on the island.