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The concept of the full video is to show the versatilely of this speaker. You can have it in your home, matching your asethetic home but also take it on a trip and add to the environment you are going to. You are making it a part of your world, at home or on the road. 

The premise is that we are wanting to create scenes of luxurious lifestyle with music and Rubyoung speakers at the epicentre. As we move from high end luxury to sun kissed beaches the one thing that will remain constant are the mellow sounds outputted by Rubyoung. Our goal is to create one piece within which all the pieces flow as well as stand alone pieces for each environment. 


Cast will be between 25-30

Portrait of Beautiful Woman
Woman in White Blouse
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Romantic Couple



The video will consist of two separate sections which are in two different locations. The first will be an outdoor location between two individuals and the second will be an indoor with more of a group. 

Indoor Location - Luxury Modern Apartment 


The indoor space will be a luxury apartment with a group of friends. The indoor space has two styles incorporated into one. The first is a fresh style, conveying the respite time the Rubyoung’s hifi sound quality brings to people in the busy contemporary life, and the spiritual healing effect of music. The other is to convey the quality life of the young middle class, and reflect the owner's aesthetics and taste through Rubyoung's leather and fine workmanship, making the whole home life more stylish

Outdoor Location - Beautiful, seascape  

The outdoor space is all about creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation which is also in line with the brand‘s tonality of “building a house of music, facing the sea, and blooming in spring.” The premise is take Rubyoung to an outing, embrace music and nature, and relax. 

Shot Reference

Tone Reference


The tone of the video will be relaxing and easy going. Reinforcing the idea of this speaker being easy and adding the the space you are in. 

The Product


The Rubyoung High Power HIFI bluetooth speaker. 

The product comes in four different colours: white, green, brown and yellow. Made of high grade leather and a new generation alloy material. Each unit comes with customisable and replaceable magnetic panel design.  


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  • Length: 100-120 s

  • Combined Both Videos

VIDEO 1: [Outdoors]

Location - Beautiful Outdoors (Seascape)

Length: 30-40s

VIDEO 2: [Indoors]

Location - Luxury, modern apartment (Camps Bay)

Length: 30-40s


Josh du Plessis

Katlego Maboe

Katlego Maboe


Tabisa Kwinana


Gina van der Ploeg


Tahlea  Manuel

Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 11.57.39.png

Tynika Carter


Outdoor Location

The outdoor space will be used for an intimate date scene between two of the cast with the speaker included. We are wanting to have it on the beach and believe llandudno beach will be suitable. 

We will get a permit for a section of the beach.

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Indoor Location

The indoor space will be an art studio.



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Post Production

Indoor Assembly

Outdoor Assembly

Cutdown 1:

Long Cut Assembly

FINAL - Indoor

FINAL - Outdoor

FINAL - Long Cut