​Chinese technology company Rubyoung wants to expose global audiences to their new lifestyle oriented bluetooth speaker that champions artistic expression. XCIV with Cape Town as its backdrop was perfectly suited to capture the speaker weaving a narrative that exemplified artistic expression and individuality while also being able to show a backdrop that speaks to the best creative lifestyle balance the brand hoped for.

Rubyoung wanted an ad that spoke to costumers the whole over but focussed on young professionals and people who are concerned with home aesthetics. XCIV implemented a piece that was artful and beautiful, something we had fun with integrating a unique use of top down perspectives to show us the speakers place in the room to be holistic snd branding in. We also loved the use match up to transition from space to space allowing us to have distinctly different scene but continue cinematic language and mood.

The stars, or should we say clouds aligned for the perfect ending with Cape Town as our backdrop we were able to pop the drone in and out of the clouds to imply a dreamy existence which is owning a Rubyoung Bluetooth Speaker. An important thing for client was to show the interchangeable custom speaker faces which we integrated throughout the narrative.

The XCIV team brought together many strengths throughout this shoot, both creatively and technically to bring the vision of the Rubyoung Bluetooth Speaker to life. This showed with the kickstarter campaign garnering more support than initially hoped for, or even anticipated.