Made by Ollie

When Sony released the Sony A7s iii it was a pioneer in many ways. There was a need to showcase the camera’s features in a way which was entertaining to watch and easily digestible and understood by the viewer. XCIV’s aim was to showcase these features, which included the lowlight capabilities, the dynamic range, the active stabilisation (without the use of a gimbal) and the super slow mo - shooting 4k 100 fps but also 240 fps.

XCIV created the masterpiece that is Made by Ollie. The short narrative centres around dog Ollie, and his owner Sanda. As a dog owner, Sanda was as dedicated as they come. Taking Ollie to the park every single day. But when the unthinkable happens, Ollie will have to travel far and wide, in search of the perfect catch. From XCIV pictures comes one dogs tale to find that the perfect throw was in him all along.

This allowed XCIV to stretch our legs in the drama/humour genre of narrative and create a product which was visually appealing, entertaining to watch and an exciting way for us as a team to shoot something fun. Ultimately a camera is just a tool to tell stories and we believe this is an endearing one.