​When Sony announced they were releasing a new camera in their cinema line we knew it was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase a few things, namely our love of gear, rigging and creativity. The Sony FX3 joins the cinema line with the likes of the FX6, FX9 and Venice.

When Sony posed the question of how to showcase the new features we knew what to do. We knew we had to show it was small but mountable, as well as smart yet rugged. As a team that loves rigging cameras in places we’ve been told they shouldn’t be, upon hearing about the FX3 / CX95900 we immediately thought of new places to put a cinema camera and the wonderful machines we could pair it with.

The concept of our video is simple as simple as a question, can you keep up? Can the CX95900 keep up as we follow a cyclist as they go from prep to climb and from climb to summit. As our cyclist increases speed so do we increase the complexity of the rigs we use to follow it.

From a Gimbal rig, to a remote controlled car, a tracking rig on a bike to finally an FPV drone we look this camera above and beyond to show that it truly can keep up.

Our team pushed this camera to the limit and we ultimately created a energetic piece that showcased the best of this camera and the best of our abilities, truly showing how creatively can take you to crazy heights.