Lulo the great




Every child has a big dream, each one is valid but our story follows a young man from a impoverished area in Cape Town, South Africa and his journey into his passion, magic. 

Lulo is a 10 year old aspiring magic enthusiast who has a dream of becoming a magician and performing to crowds of people. Currently he is enrolled at the College of Magic in the Cape where he learns his talent and gives performances to his classmates. 

Our piece will be two parts, half mini doc half stylised dream world.


Lulo Stofile


Indoor Location - Inside his home & college of magic 

Shot Reference

Tone Reference

When we are are the stage it will be incredibly stylised. 


Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat


  • Main Video

  • Behind the Scenes 

  • Magic Vignets


Lulo Home and Surroundings

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School of Magic

The indoor space will be an art studio.

Concert Crowd

Voice Over 

Said in a Dr Seuss why to introduce the character 

Lulo narrator script


All the way down, near Africa’s Southern most tip.

Lies a boy softly stirring ahead his weekly trip.


Under the shadow of a table some call a mountain.

While others sleep, his thoughts are a fountain.


It’s Saturday and at THAT he is beaming

But not for soccer, nor cricket, despite father’s scheming.


His dreams are grander, a little more debonair 

To perform in a place where it’s all in the hair 


For his name is Lulo and he’s on a mission

To wonder and dazzle and become a magician. 


But dreams are for sleepers as mother kept telling

And Lulo was up before the roosters were yelling


Shake mama, shake papa, leave sis to sleep in.

I mean, it’s frankly impressive through this morning din.


 “Your breakfast”, “your trousers”, “there’s a comb in your hair.!.!”

Getting Lulo ready is a whole family affair.


But Lulo is calm, he lets his mind go

To a place where a spoon is all you need for a show


“You’ll miss your ride, if you keep on with your lateness.”

But it’s exactly that that keeps him going, dreaming of greatness.


As Lulo walks alone to catch his taxi

The rank is as load as any could be 


As the hoots turn to cheers and the day becomes dream

Lulo fully arrives in his world unseen 


“My name is Lulo a boy but 10 

My mystical powers you’ll never ken