HI-TEC® Sports was founded by Frank van Wezel in Shoeburyness, England. Frank’s love for sport led him to build an innovative, lightweight and instantly comfortable squash shoe. The HI-TEC® Squash Classic is still made today and has sold over 19 million pairs. Converging our history in Sportswear & Outdoor to offer uniquely designed products since 1974. After 45 years, HI-TEC® remains committed to its core mission - to get the world outside. By offering unparalleled technology, city to trail versatility and made-to-last quality, HI-TEC delivers comfort anywhere.

HI-TEC® waterproof jackets and hiking boots have become a staple in many closets around the world. Catering too many ages, sizes and styles they are a brand that will remain in the forefront of our minds.


Man, mid 20s - 30s, fit, looks comfortable outdoors

Tone/Shot Reference

Walking through a forrest on a path, up until a rocky area then a pinnacle top point




  • 1 minute

  • 2x15sec (IG story format)




Hiking Boots and Waterproof jackets are essentials for eager and excited hiker/walker. They give you the support, security, comfort and style to get out into the great outdoors. When walking through a damp forest after the rain there is a joy that comes with dry feet and fresh air. The concept is about two friends walking through forest and exploring the space, and environment. They get to the end point and a drone shot circles them and we can see there jackets and boots and how they have handled the terrain. 



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