FX3 Launch Video


The Sony FX3 is a camera build a desire to package the features of Sony's cinema line in a body that is as small as it is mountable, as smart as it is rugged.

As a team that loves rigging cameras in places we've been told they shouldn't be, upon hearing about the FX3 / CX95900 we immediately thought of new places to put a cinema camera and the wonderful machines we could pair it with.


Remote Car

Follow Bike

FPV Drone

Can you keep up?


The concept of our video is simple as simple as a question, can you keep up? Can the CX95900 keep up as we follow a cyclist as they go from prep to climb and from climb to summit.

As our cyclist increases speed so do we increase the complexity of the rigs we use to follow it.


Gimbal Rig

The first and most familiar rig on which we will place the CX95900is that of a gimbal. Using the gimbal in the hands of a videographer we will capture intimate shots of prep. The fastening of gloves, the fixing of glasses and the beginning of the ride. At the end of this segment we will see the our rider pull away when their speed can no longer be matched on foot.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 12.10.00.png

Remote Car Rig

Following our rider as they break onto the open road the remote rig will provide us with close parallel tracking  and heroically framed low angle shots this will bridge the cap between the intimacy of the gimbal shots and the speed of what's to come.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 12.10.17.png

Tracking Rig

Taking us off road and cranking up the speed. The tracking rig will allow us to open up the frame while keeping up with our rider as they take to the trails.

FPV Drone.jpg

FPV Drone

 As our rider reaches the peak of their cycle and goes where only the birds can follow we add verticality to our shoot. 

This will be our fastest and most dynamic rig, the one best suited to highlight the versatility of the CX95900 ,from the multiple hard mounting points, small body and excellent autofocus its a camera perfectly designed to keep up.