- From chommies to champions -

In todays age of wearable health devices, active South Africans are able to receive data on their habits and work outs previously reserved for the worlds most elite athletes.

In this piece we seek to make them feel like as elite as the data they now capture turning everyday suburban fitness stores into spectacles of triumph and athleticism.

Through this will hope to remind South Africans that each fitness journey is unique and to be celebrated while showing them that the best companion to a successful health and fitness journey is one pulled from the Fitbit range.

In each piece we will meet a different person each paired with a different fitness devise. We will show what make each Fitbit unique in personality and features while still showing that with Fitbit health & fitness come first, aiding them to not only find themselves but also find their strong. 

Sizzle Reel

Image by Giorgio Trovato

In our first piece we will meet a middle aged man who has recently taken up soccer again. 

We have the option of showing this through the lens of him joining a local five a side team or being brought back to the pitch by a child eager to play the game he once did.

In either scenario we will shoot the on the field action with the energy and drama as any piece staring the likes of Eto and Messi.

We will carry the feeling of framing him like the greats to the interview section with questions like:

"How did you manage a hatric in your last three games?", "How do you keep up with your younger teammates?", "You ran 6kms in your last game"

Features Explored:

Heart Rate Variability; Auto Exercise Recognition; GPS Distance and Meters; Active Zones Monitoring

This constant sense of improvement frames the press conference as they are asked:

Q & A:

  • How did you manage a hatric in your last three games?

  • How do you keep up with your younger teammates?

  • You ran 6kms in your last game

Well thanks to the built in GPS function I can track how far I've moved and wear by simply looking at the watch or going into the FitBit app afterwards and getting a map version of all the places I ran, its really such a helpful thing.​

  • Do you feel fatigued after you play and how do you manage your levels of it?

Image by Jon Del Rivero

Our second piece will follow two friends who have taken to sunrise swimming in their local pool or tidal pool.

As they plunge into the water we will invoke the visuals of a Chad le Clos heat. Racing through the water we see the waterproof features of the Fitbit and the stats its collecting.

With this energetic display and a location framed by the rising sun our swimmer will receive such questions as: 

"How do you get out of bed so early?", "How do you stay motivated?"

Features Explored: 

Waterproof; GPS Tracking; Multiple Workout Programs; Goal Reaching Notifications

This constant sense of improvement frames the press conference as they are asked:

Q & A:

  • How do you get out of bed so early?

The adjustable alarm allows me to be woken up before the sun in a calm manner which facilitates a great start to the morning 

  • How do you stay motivated?

Well when i have a waterproof watch tracking my activity becomes more exciting and then i look forward to seeing my progress, with this watch i remain motivated as i can see how far I’ve come and can see where i can improve. 

  • What do you think about when you are swimming?

  • How do you function at such a high level in the water?


For our next piece we come to the most relatable scenario for most South Africans starting their fitness journey, training for a 5K.

With a middle aged person running in and around their local park, as others pass them we see their in the zone, on the cusp of beating their best time.

We see them as they see them selves, in slow motion as perspiration drips and each step is a feat in the human journey.

This constant sense of improvement frames the press conference as they are asked:

"How do you constantly improve?", "You just keep getting faster and faster"

Features explored:

Daily Readiness Zones; ECG Tracking; Heart Rate Monitor; Long Battery Life; GPS Tracking

This constant sense of improvement frames the press conference as they are asked:

Q & A:

  • How do you constantly improve? 

  • You just keep getting faster and faster?

  • How are you remaining motivated to continue?

With the daily readiness zones i know when im in the peak time to do my run, it helps becuase i feel like its not such a struggle.

  • How does your heart rate zones keep getting better? 

Yoga Pose

Our next piece takes place on a grassy patch overlooking the city, we have our less then flexible individual trying to do the movements and succeeding for the most part.


They are holding a downward dog and then lift there leg up. They are finding their centre doing some yoga on a grassy patch outside. 

We see them struggling to stretch fully but they are persevering, they make it, they sigh and smile. 

Features Explored:

Female Tracking; Guided Breathing Sessions; EDA Tracking; Sleep Tracking 

This constant sense of improvement frames the press conference as they are asked:

Q & A:​

  • How have you come so far in such a short time?

  • How do you remain so peaceful during such a busy time? 

  • How do you keep track of your cycle so comfortably to know which movements are best to relive pain?

  • How do you maintain such stress free lifestyle? 

Dab Dance

Our last video is with Dancers on Tik Tok 


Features Explored:

FitBit Pay; Reminders to Move; Text Notifications & Calls; Wireless Syncing

This constant sense of improvement frames the press conference as they are asked:

Q & A:​

  • How do you know you are in peak performance for this dance?

  • When you are in a cool location how are you so mobile without any bags or anything?

With FitBit Pay I don’t have to lug a bag or wallet or anything with me except my phone, tripod and light - now i can go to many place with final luggage and still get a nice coffee afterwards just becuase of FitBit Pay!