Elagato Cam-Link Compatibility

The goal of this video is to make a creator led overview of the cameras compatible with Elgato Cam-Link and the benefits of using it.

The overarching goal is to create a video that will be relevant long after the current list of comparable devises has doubled. One that examines the philosophical needs of using a Cam-Link, how to set up and integrate it and the benefits of using an interchangeable lens camera in a streaming set up and how to choose the best compatible camera for you.





Visual Flair


The structure of this video will be split between gear shots of the Cam-Link its compatible cameras as well as talking head shots of Grant in-front of his streaming rig.


What is a Camlink


Step one is to quickly recap what the cam-link product is and what is does: 

The Elgato Cam link 4K! By far the one of the best video capture device out there,  I use it to connect my DSLR to my PC for all of my streaming. 

I’m first gonna talk you guys through what a cam-link is, and how to use one, and then, and most importantly which cameras are compatible with the Elgato Cam link 4K. 

So, Let’s quickly recap what a cam link is and how to use one.

The Elgato Cam Link 4K simply Turns your DSLR, camcorder or action cam into a high quality webcam to record or stream.

As a streamer I need a cam link that brings the best quality video footage straight from my camera to your screen. The Elgato cam link lets me stream at 1080p60 or even up to 4K at 30 frames per second, and the ultra-low-latency technology lets me stream smoothly.


How to use Cam-Link

A personal guide from Grant on how to set up a Cam-Link, how to use it day to day while streaming:


To use the Elgato Cam link 4K, connect your camera’s HDMI port to your the Cam link's USB and then the Cam Link to your PC. The Elgato cam link 4K is compatible with a long list of cameras, but if your camera doesn’t feature on the list on elgato.com, or linked below. Here are a few ways to check if your camera is compatible before buying one for yourself.

Firstly, your camera has to have some sort of HDMI port.
Secondly, make sure you have the correct HDMI cable to connect your camera to the Cam Link. Make sure that this cable is the correct length according to your recording set up. 

Then connect your camera to any monitor or HD TV. This is how you can check what picture you will get when using the Cam Link. Check that your camera’s HDMI’s output is clean, meaning that it doesn’t output the date and other display information through the HDMI port. 

Look through your camera’s manual and make sure that your camera isn’t HTCP protected, because Cam Link requires a non HTCP signal. 

Then, check out your camera’s power capabilities. Make sure that your camera will stay switched on for the duration of your stream/ recording session. Some cameras have battery save modes and turn off after a period of inactivity. Most cameras can disable this function, but some can’t so make sure to check this.

And lastly, make sure that you can keep your camera charged so that it doesn’t die mid stream.


Why use a cam-link


A creator led overview on why to use a Cam-Link, the journey leading up to integrating the Cam-Link and the alternate solutions that were attempted and why they didn't work:


Coming from a broadcast backround I'm used to having complete control over the cameras I use to create.


From lens choice to frame rate, the small choices you make in how you capture your image have a huge effect on if you connect with your audience. I love having a tactile zoom lens that I can zoom in or out depending on the feeling I'm trying to express on the day.


All this combined with the Cam-Link means I can integrate the camera I use on as a creator every day and have complete control and quality of all that I create and share.


Which Camera to use


In our last part we will look at what cameras are currently compatible, what makes a camera compatible and how to choose the best one for you


Interchangeable lenses vs fixed, power zooms vs primes:

The answer is the one you have, I mean that's the great thing about about the cam link,  It enables you to take the gear you're already using and bring it into your stream. If you're looking to buy a new calming just check its compatibility with all I've already mentioned.

For myself, I like having a full from interchangeable lens camera that can be externally powered. This means three things:

1. I can have a good depth of field even when using wider lenses.


2. My lens library can grow as my set up evolves and I can use all my new lenses with the same camera .


3. I don't need to worry about my camera dying mid stream.