The promise of unmanned flight


Over the past half-decade, we have seen unmanned aircraft infiltrate a myriad of industries. From film to security they have extended our reach, changed our perspective and put cutting edge technology into the hands of the masses.


As the number of innovations brought about through the use of drones grow, so does our ability to imagine more ways to deploy these miracle machines. From tree planting to drone light shows one idea has remained present and always just out of reach, drone deliveries.

Personal shopping takes flight


Rising in concert with unmanned aircraft, e-commerce has led to even greater shifts across the multiple industries. From the organization and delivery the parcels we buy to software that facilitates those purchases, TAKEALOT has changed the way South Africans think about the shopping experience.

As the nations and soon to be the continents leading e-commerce platform, TAKEALOT is perfectly positioned to recapture South Africa's imagination with the first commercial drone delivery.

What we propose


XCIV would like to partner with TAKEALOT to fly South Africas first commercial drone delivery, not only facilitation the delivery but capturing and publishing the journey of people, technology and commerce that led to this milestone.

(Find below a list of our proposed deliverables)


An 11km, 12min package delivery from Kenilworth Race Course to False Bay Fire House.

Media Day

On the day media event, featuring talks by the key players outlining the journey so far and the future potential of unmanned deliveries

Content Capture

XCIV will capture the journey, lead up and Media day with the option to package it into marketing assets as required by TAKEALOT and its media partners.

BTS Documentary

XCIV will capture edit and publish a short form behind the scenes documentary about the historical, personal and corporate journey of the project.

On the day

To capture the days grandeur our team of videographers and pilots will be there to ensure that flight and media day are seen from every angle.

(See an example of a delivery after movie below.)

A historical flight

On December 27th 1911, Evelyn Frederick “Bok” Driver took off from Kenilworth Race Course flying towards False Bay. After a seven-minute flight, he landed on Oldham field and upon delivering his cargo, a parcel of post, set off back to Kenilworth having completed South Africas first commercial flight.

This flight and the ones were not out of utility but to popularise flight in the minds of the South African public.

The Route

To ensure maximum visibility as well as replicating the first commercial flight in Africa we propose flying from Kenilworth Race Course to False Bay Fire House.

(See proposed flight plan below.)

Full Circle

Pilot in command on the day of our delivery will be Director and Great Great Grand Son of Evelyn Driver, Hloniphizwe Coleman.

In this, we will show how South Africa continues to push the boundaries of aerial innovation while telling an intergenerational story of the life-changing effects of new technology.


As client TAKEALOT will hone public messaging, decide on the item to be delivered and gather logistical data on the replicability and scalability of the maiden flight 


As the licensed operator, Hloni and his chosen operator will take on all flight duties ensuring the flight, legal, safe and most of all entertaining.


With the immense amount of content produced by XCIV and the wide visibility of the delivery itself, TAKEALOT will have a wealth of content and rich narrative with which to engage the media

Content Integration

From the word go XCIV will capture every moment in the journey to successfully fly the delivery including the triumph of the day itself.