The Freedom of FPV





The Right Team

XCIV has assisted DJI on multiple local and international campaigns and is home to fully licensed pilots Luke Maximo Bell and Hloni Coleman.

With our established use of FPV drones, we are perfectly poised both creatively and legally to create content for the South African launch.


An Industry Shift

For as long as they have been around, FPV drones have only been attainable to those with the expertise and tools required to build, repair, and tune.

DJI is about to remove this barrier to entry and make FPV available to all. With the immense beauty and culture South Africa has to offer, the DJI FPV drone will revolutionize the way we shoot with drones in South Africa.


We want to create a piece that revolves around what makes the DJI FPV drone special - movement.

Having the ability to fly a drone without limits means we can capture life like never before. We aim to create something energetic, moving, and inspiring. 

We will focus on shooting natural beauty, mountain biking, rock climbing, running, etc. Elevating the ordinary to something epic, while showing off what the DJI FPV drone is capable of. 


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