The Right Team

XCIV has assisted DJI on multiple local and international campaigns and is home to filmmakers & fully licensed pilots Luke Maximo Bell and Hloni Coleman.

With our established use of action cameras & drones, we are perfectly poised both creatively and legally to create content for the South African launch.


An Industry Shift

For as long as they have been around, Action cameras & drones have only been attainable to those with the know-how and the budget. 

DJI is removing this barrier in favour of being more accessible and available to all. With the immense beauty and culture South Africa has to offer, the DJI action cameras and drone will revolutionise the way we shoot in South Africa.


DJI is synonomis with movement. Action Cameras and Drones are meant to give you a view of the world otherwise not accessible with just standard photographic equipment. 

Having the ability to fly a drone without limits means we can capture life like never before. As with other action cameras, having the ability to capture these moments has never been so available We aim to create with all our content something energetic, moving, and inspiring. 

We will focus on shooting natural beauty, filming content which is going to be shot by the consumer. But we aim to elevate the ordinary to something epic, while showing off what the action cameras and drones are capable of. 



DJI x XCIV have had a long history of creating high quality easily digestible content. 

Looking forward to this upcoming year of releases we are hoping to create a template of deliverables which best showcase the products available through DJI with the polished, clean and informative touch that XCIV brings.

Below we hope to outline a structure of deliverables for the upcoming products.


For each of the upcoming five launches XCIV agrees to produce the following as detail in the table

The below would all be exchange for us keeping all five products as well as one additional Mavic 3 Pro

In addition to the product launches we have discussed DJI in RSA videos. We are prepared to produce 3 of the videos under the package outlined.

If you would like any additional videos we would be happy to produce them at a cost of 3 for R30 000 iStore vouchers