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Be a wool-powered Leonardo Da Vinci!


Let wool yarn be your paint and velcro be your canvas. Luz Fun Yarn Art Pen is a kit that lets you easily express your creative using wool with extreme precision, convenience and diversity of colours and shapes.


Chalk, watercolours, ink and crayons - you’ve most probably tried it all and have the stains in your clothes to prove it. I’m sure you’ve been looking for something new and better. Well here it is the Luz Fun Yarn Art Pen with Hook and Loop art-board lets you express your creativity in all possible ways.


Child Age 8-12 (Either the Same Child or two Different One)

Parent 25-35

Tone Reference

When we are are the stage it will be incredibly stylised. 


Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 10.35.44.png


  • Main Video (x1 minute & x1 2 minute)

  • Behind the Scenes 

  • Social Clips (x3 15 sec)




We open on a young child at the kitchen table with the fridge behind. There are two frames, one is full of mess and the other is neat. 


A kind painting with the velcro pen with the Blue Danube by Strauss playing then we cut to another kid (or another shot of the same kid) painting with glitter and glue on pasta and paints. Basically one very neat table and the other is messy. The kids making a mess, spilling things like glitter and pasta and just making a scene. It ends on a split screen of both children’s painting being put on the fridge, amongst all the other previously done works that are on the fridge already. But then it pulls back to both tables (making the split screen down the middle) and then you see the mess from the glitter art child and then the less and even not messy at all from felt one child. 


Post Production

Shot Assembly

BTS Assembly

Cutdown 1:

Social Edit 01

Social Edit 02

Social Edit 03



Approx R28 000

Mavic Air 2s

Approx R28 000

Mavic 3 Pro

Approx R40 000 each