iStore Youtube: How To


Created with the idea of making the iStore home to all your apple product tech support, "How Tos" are the third content pillar of recurring content on the iStore Youtube channel.


Switching between new features (such as new IOS releases) and timeless must knows (Like how to switch from android) the iStore how to library should be South Africas goto recourse any and all apple software and hardware questions and queries.



Bringing in the idea of your friendly iStore employee next door our ideal cast in the iStore team them selves. Pulling from as many current store staff as possible.

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iOS 14 widgets

DEADLINE : 17 September

iOS 14 - Widgets Script Hloni1024_1.jpg
iOS 14 - Widgets Script Hloni1024_2.jpg


XCIV note: IOS 14 accurate screen recording, into and outro shots.


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Switch from android

DEADLINE : 17 September

XCIV note: iOS switcher POV needs to be recorded as screen recording doesn't work pre set up.


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iOS 14 Features

DEADLINE : 23 September

XCIV note: 


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