Apple Watch Cellular Content


With the arrival of apple watch cellular, the iStore has the opportunity to change the way South Africa thinks about being connected. ( ..about connection? )


Introducing a nation to new technology is not an easy task. However, through humour and a relatable presenter, we can communicate how having a phone on your wrist can change how you move through – and communicate with – the world.



The goal of this piece is to effectively communicate the capability and benefits a life enhanced by a cellular-enabled Apple Watch.

To this end, our main goal is to hit home the concept of the Apple Watch as a fully connected mobile device that enables you to make and receive calls and messages.

Our next goal is to link expanded features with cellular capability, allowing viewers to imagine all that a watch enabled with cellular can do.

In the last moments of our piece, we need to make real the benefits we have outlined by having our cast answer a call in a scenario they would normally not have a phone with them.


For this piece, I believe we should​ have personable talent capable of confidently listing features while creating empathy at their embarrassment.

Structural Reference


The content piece will take the form of a one-shot walk and talk, breaking our single shot only to zoom in on the screen of the watch it's self.

Tone Reference


Given the technological message we are attempting to pass on, I would like our piece to be memorable and relatable.



Final Scripts

Rough video shot list


A quick and dirty representation of our intended shot list and pacing

Cut Down 1:

Cut Down 2:

Cut Down 3:


Post Production

Long Cut:

Cutdown 1:

Cutdown 2:

Cutdown 3: