Location: New York, New York


Optional photo crew: 1 


Cam 1: On Stage - Wide angle lens
Cam 2: Pit - Zoom lens close up of Burna & Crowd

Cam 3: Roaming, looking for celebrities & B-roll
Cam 4: Unmanned camera on tripod at FOH

Content plan for Burna's Maddison Square Garden show:




Video 1: Behind the scenes (5-10 minutes long)
Video 2: Show highlight (1 minute)

The video will consist of three main storylines, music, styling  & build-up.


Music: This part will mostly center around what goes into building the setlist and the reasoning behind set order as well as rehearsals. From a practical point of view my vision for this would be to film Damini working on the setlist by himself at first(or with 1 or 2 others) writing songs down and scratching them out, the point of this is to show visually he is considering every little detail of the show, maybe he's watching back footage from the Hollywood bowl show to help him decide

Styling: For this section we'll follow Roni as she tries to put together outfits and looks for the show, we'll visit a few stores and candidly hear her thoughts on whatever piece she's looking at/considering. Then we'll bring some pieces to Damini to try on and get some interaction/banter/thoughts from him.


Build-up: For this section I want to create a sense of anticipation and emotion, i'm thinking we get some audio from Damini describing what this show means for him and a bit of the hard work that has led up to this moment. I want to pair this with visual of him walking onto the stage of an empty MSG and just take in the moment, we could also possibly cut this with some show day footage of crowds outside waiting to get in to link his sense of anticipation with theirs.


The End: we can either close the video out with a few shot from the show or the full highlight video from the concert.