Apple Watch Cellular TVC


With our last piece, we established the Apple Watch as the perfect fitness companion. From fun runners to fanatics we cemented the Apple Watch as the only wearable to accompany any fitness journey.


With the arrival of the Apple Watch cellular, we now have the opportunity to showcase how, in many cases, an Apple Watch equipped with cellular need be your only companion to stay connected.


In this series, we will visit three people unable to reach or carry their iPhones. In isolated or encumbered situations we will show how their Apple Watch is all they need to answer calls, receive messages staying connected while leaving everything else behind.

In our first piece, we will find ourselves in the most inhospitable of tech environments the ocean.


The piece will follow a lone surfer as they catch wave after wave. With each wave, we will reinforce their isolation and immersion-breaking the rhythm of waves only for them to receive a phone call.


As the phone rings, we come up from beneath the surfer, seeing the watch face and incoming call. With their answer we cut to an overhead drone shot, slowly rising as we hear a muffled conversation and waves cashing.


Our second piece will follow two runners as they set out on a trail run. Caring as little as possible we see them, slip, slid and scramble up and down the mountainside.


After showing their hands and bodies are free to traverse the landscape we find them atop a peak overlooking the trail they just conquered. One of them calls home to announce their on their way down and requests someone put the kettle on.  We end with a side on drone shot of the two beginning their descent.


Our last piece plays on the concept of really not having a spare hand. 


We follow a lone climber as they ascend up a sheer rock face. Switching between tight close-ups of their hands as they move from hold to hold to wide aerial shots that show the scale of the climb we establish the scale while emphasising finesse.


We end the climber clipped onto the cliffside answering a call. As we pull back we hear the caller ask what they’re doing and them answer  “just hanging out”.

Each piece will begin with our cast leaving their devices behind:


Surfer: Cameroon

Runner: Obakeng Makapane

Climber: Matt Bush

First Approvals

Final Sequance, Sample Colour Grade and Scoring

Second Approvals

Updated Sequance, Sample Colour Grade, Scoring and End Cards